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Virtual City Casino

Virtual City Casino is one of the oldies but goodies on the net! They have great promotions to get you off to a winning start and graphics that are exciting and vivid!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Virtual City Casino gives away $5,000 in casino cash for slots play. If you deposit $20 or more, you'll be automatically entered with prizes being awarded every Monday. You could even win the $1,000 grand prize! They're also giving away $25,000 in their exciting Pure Cash Giveaway! Every month, on the first of the month, Virtual City Casinos Casino will give away $25,000 in casino credits to 111 lucky players! Make your deposit and wish upon a star!

The drawing is held at the end of each calendar month and credits will be deposited on the first day of each month. They have stud poker, roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots, craps, baccarat and war so variety is the key word here at Virtual City! Based in Antigua, they're backed by a successful company and have several sister casinos such as Silver Dollar Casino, Caribbean Gold Casino, Super Slots Casino, and Millionaire Casino. Their rewards program is very generous in which you'll get cash back just for playing! When you sign up, get a 100% match up to $275 and each casino has a separate sign up bonus so make sure you take advantage of all of them.

A fast and easy download awaits as they know you're anxious to play! Head on over for a boatload of fun!

Posted: Feb. 28, 2007

Online Casino News

The Coolest Thing Ever!

We're not sure if it merits the title given to it of 'The Coolest Thing Ever' but Bluff Magazine's latest player aid certainly offers a useful way for poker buffs to track, interact, and satisfy their poker urges online. The Coolest etc has its origins in The Poker DB which as far back as 2004 has tracked hundreds of thousands of tournament results and been the catalyst for ranking almost 2 million players based on tournament performance, total winnings in the player's lifetime, biggest cashes and “streak” stats.

Bluff Magazine also claims there is not a more accurate way to track play or for players to compare their performance with the rest of the poker community online. "It is hands-down the largest player-accessible poker database anywhere on the planet," said a Bluff spokesman launching the facility on the newly designed Bluff website.

With a name like 'The Coolest Thing Ever', this tool has to be more than useful, it has to make poker more fun to play; and that’s what the new community tools are for. The new Buddy List allows players to track friends online, see where they are playing, and view their up to date results in a personally customizable interface. New Buddy Alerts notify users when their friends are active - live on PC, by email or on mobile phone via text message.

The real-time Custom Tournament Directory means that players can elude the hassle of loading poker software to find the tournament structure, game, buy in, prize range, site preference and starting time of their choice. The player now simply enters his or her requirements and the Directory does it all from there!

Bluff's Chief Technical Officer, Jeff Markley says, “'The Coolest Thing Ever' has been a massive technical challenge. Migrating and manipulating millions of records, and adding never-before used technologies has been a labour of love, but its something that, as a poker player, I know will be appreciated by the poker community.

All I can tell everybody is to try it – once they do they will never stop using it."

Posted: Feb. 28, 2007

Online Casino News

Antigua Makes a move against the U.S.

The Caribbean island nation of Antigua has won its latest long-shot effort to force the U.S. to open its market to offshore gambling, according to a confidential report issued by the World Trade Organization.

A United States Trade Representative official said in a report that concludes the U.S. "has not taken the necessary steps" to resolve the long-running dispute between the U.S. and Antigua.
This could be because of the focus on blocking payment providers.

The USTR officially stressed that the report is only an interim conclusion by the WTO and that the U.S. will have an opportunity to respond before the final report is issued in March. Even then, the USTR will have opportunities to appeal any decision unfavourable to the U.S. The WTO allows countries to keep services, including gambling, off their list of free trade obligations to other WTO members as long the country bans those services at home.

Antigua contends the U.S. is not consistent in its application of laws banning Internet gambling since it permits interstate online horse racing gambling. The WTO agreed with Antigua in a report issued in 2005. In that report, the WTO acknowledged the U.S. would have to turn to Congress to repair the discrepancy in its laws. Last year, Congress attached the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 to a port authority bill and President Bush signed it into law.

The new law prohibits U.S. banks, financial institutions and other third-party money exchange operations from processing payments to over 2,300 offshore gambling sites located outside of U.S. jurisdiction. The law, however, specifically exempts state-sanctioned online gambling on horse racing and lotteries. "We just need to clarify one narrow issue involving remote gambling on horse racing," Gretchen Hamel, a spokesperson for the USTR, said.

Antigua, the smallest member of the WTO, said the apparent inconsistency serves as a basis for Americans to legally gamble through online, offshore gambling casinos based in Antigua.
Because Antigua has many hurricanes hurting their economy, they are trying everything to keep it flowing smoothly. The dispute between Antigua and the U.S. began back in 2000 when Congress changed the language in the Interstate Horseracing Act to accommodate national betting through simulcasts at tracks throughout the country. As part of the change, Congress expanded the definition of an interstate off-track bet to include pari-mutuel wagers transmitted between states by way of telephone or other electronic media such as the Internet.

Posted: Feb. 28, 2007