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Is It Safe To Play Online?

Even though online gaming has been around for over a decade, there are still many players new to idea of giving out their personal information online to an offshore company, let alone their money. Rest assured, even though online gaming isn't yet regulated in the USA, most would say they feel very comfortable giving a sports book, casino, or poker room their sensitive information. Most establishments use encrypted software and guard their player's personal information like Fort Knox.

When depositing into an online casino, there are 3rd party companies that you will actually go to when you're ready to deposit and they will handle the processing of your deposit and help you transfer it into the gaming site so you'll feel better knowing the site doesn't have your banking information. To ensure you are who you say you are, you may be required to verify your personal information, possibly taken from your credit report or another source and to release your account number to you and/or reset your password within the software and they're very serious about verifying this information.

Back in the day, many worried that precautions weren't being taken with this information but as the message boards grew and players started talking, they slowly weeded out the bad eggs and the non-trusted sites. The players that had problems would post about it and players would know not to play there. Most reliable casinos will carry the eCogra seal ensuring you safe and fair play, or even backed by the Kahnawake gaming commission which is empowered to regulate and control gaming and gaming related activities conducted within and from the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in accordance with the highest principles of honesty and integrity.

For the most part, at the turn of the Century, the good casinos are standing, and by reading articles and message boards, you'll know which ones to trust.

Posted: Feb. 28, 2007

Are Online Gaming Sites Fair?

The first thing that comes to mind when a new player is making up their mind as to whether to play online, is whether or not an online gaming site is fair. To put your mind at ease, online gaming has been around for over a decade, and for the most part, the unfair sites are no longer in existence. Many 3rd party financial processors are careful to decide who they work with and the sites that have less then mediocre integrity won't have too many options for depositing, which should be your first clue.

Always look for seals from companies that will back up that site, for example: eCogra or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and if it makes you feel better, email that company to ensure that they actually do endorse the site. Many online forums such as Casinomeister also have places where the player can speak out and report any problems with the fairness of any particular site and the actions the site took to rectify the problem.

Many sites will list their percentage of payouts which should be audited by a reputable accounting firm. You'll then be able to see what the actual payout is set at per slot machine, table game or poker game. Slots should be above 96%, while table and poker games should be over 97% payback. If the site has their percentages listed, you'll feel more confident that the site as a whole is being fair. The one other thing that you should keep in mind when deciding whether to play online is the fact that if the casino isn't being fair, they wouldn't have players, they wouldn't be around for years, and they would have to close.

Make sure you rely on sites like this to give you the information you're looking for in choosing which sites are the ones to trust.

Posted: Feb. 28, 2007

Online Baccarat Basics

One of the most popular casino games right now is Vegas Baccarat. It may be found in online as well as in land-based gambling establishments. It is becoming just as popular as roulette, slots, craps etc. Web Baccarat is a card game that can be found at each well known online gaming hall. If you’re not to sure about how to play the game, go online and download the free software and play in free mode. It is pretty much like betting games like slots but the difference is, it’s a card game where your results have to do with chance more than knowledge and skill. Basically, the outcome of the game relies mostly on the luck of the draw.

The odds of being victorious upon a banco wager within baccarats are 44.61 percent. This means that the banco bet is the greatest wager that may be placed by the online Baccarat player. Please be aware that the gaming site will frequently take a 5 percent commission from the gambler for being victorious on banker bets.

Nonetheless, it is still a very smart wager to make. A number of sites allow you to wager for a standoff. Actually, this is the worst wager which can be made at the Baccarat table online.
Getting the hang of Baccarat necessitates that you comprehend what it is that you’re dealing with as you wager. The online Baccarat table division is pretty basic and extremely easy to get used to. As Baccarat is a card game with merely three wagers, banker, player or tie, the board must reflect this facility of the game.

There are 7 positions with numbers on them on every side of the Baccarat game table. Notice the numbers run from one to fifteen, not including thirteen. Like in many wagering games, the unlucky number thirteen is excluded from boards, and Baccarat is a game of fortune. Every position includes three betting places to it, corresponding to the possible options at the start of each game.

Banker is spelled out across a row of betting areas, and beneath it Player is marked. Over these two wagers, and occasionally on top of one more line of indication digits, there is a central section for tie wagers.

Don’t bother attempting to understand Baccarat gambling systems because they usually don’t help you and it’s not worth your time and concentration. It’s a good idea to have a healthy bankroll when playing this game.

Posted: Feb. 28, 2007